Exergaming或Interactivess Fitness是一种相结合运动和视频游戏的身体活动的形式(运动+游戏)。这种适合儿童和成人的健身利用综合到追踪运动能力,身体运动和反应时间的设备中的技术。通过创建有吸引力的减肥游戏,人们不会意识到他们正在乐趣,直到他们开始感到更健康。由于任何年龄或活动水平的某人可以参与和仍然看到和感受到仍然看到和感受到的事情之一。

Exer亚搏娱乐网站game健身哲学是创造有趣,令人兴奋的环境,提供技术和健身相交的环境。We’ve found that we’re able to create lifelong members to your facility through active gaming – from the youngest child to the active older adults – when we combine certain products, activities, and movements with proven fitness principles and training protocols, it creates an energetic and engaging atmosphere. It’s this unique blend of technology, fun, and fitness that make an investment in exergaming rooms a smart choice.




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